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Kringla is a unique and delicious Scandinavian pastry. These sweet Nordic variety are your one stop shop to deliciousness.

Duet (2 kringla): $
Half dozen (6 kringla): $
Bakers Dozen (13 kringla): $

Chocolate Chip Bars

The best chocolate chip bars you will ever have. Made in a baking pan, these artisanal bars will melt in your mouth and send you on your day feeling great.

Duet (2 bars):$
Half dozen (6 bars): $
Bakers Dozen (13 bars): $

Peanut Butter Things

These dark chocolate-dipped peanut butter-filled cracker cookies are irresistible. One is never enough. Made with a lot of soul, these 'Peanut Butter Things' are your soulmate.

Duet (2 cookies):$
Half dozen (6 cookies): $
Bakers Dozen (13 cookies): $

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+1 (641) 831-9249

About Peggy:

Peggy Hiemstra is a tried and true Norwegian baker, Mom, and Grandma. Hailing from Kellogg, Iowa, Peggy's hard-working, fun-loving spirit is infectious, as is her passion for sharing her sweet treats with any and all. Informed by the Nordic traditions of her family, when Peggy isn't baking sweet treats she is most certainly making fish and lefse, sipping some tea, or enjoying a glass of wine with friends.

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